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The 2gether NHS Foundation Trust delivers help and support to people who are experiencing mental health illness and provides education to their families and carers.

We offer advice to individuals – those living with mental illness and tackling the stigma associated with mental illness nearly every day of their lives.
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Children imageChildren & adolescent services

The mental health of children and adolescents has a profound effect on them as individuals, their futures and their families. Although severe mental illness is rare in this group, mental health problems are common. Children and familes need the benefit of a team approach, involving community resources of health, social care and education.

Working age imageWorking age adults

Adults with mental health issues have been identified as one of the most disadvantaged and socially excluded groups in society*. We provide a high quality, community–based mental health service for people of working age with a strong focus on social inclusion in the pursuit of recovery.

*Source: The Social Exclusion Unit report,
Mental Health and Social Exclusion ODPM 2004

Older peopleOlder people’s services

Although most older people live independently or with only a little support at home, for some, mental illness can be a problem.

We offer specialist assessment and treatment in the community to those who have a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or a memory problem including dementia. We provide education and support to carers, care home support, hospital nurse liaison and intermediate care.

Children learningLearning disabilities

There are 1.5 million people with a learning disability in the UK* – we work to ensure that they aren’t isolated or excluded simply because of their disability. Our community teams assess and treat individuals in their own environment, and as inpatients, so that people with learning disabilities gain access to generic health services and where appropriate specialist treatment.

*Souce Mencap

Substance misuseSubstance misuse services

Our community based teams provide advice and treatment for individuals with alcohol and or drug problems.  This includes viral testing, community prescribing, inpatient care and help in addressing housing needs.


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At 2gether NHS Foundation Trust we are committed to improving the lives of people with mental health problems by bringing to life the principles of social inclusion in eight different areas.
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